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Paul Williams
Head of Maintenance

Paul brings over 20 years of hands-on experience to his role as Head of Maintenance. He specialises in coordinating complex projects and ensuring all work is up to code and exceeds expectations. Paul's leadership and profound technical knowledge keep our team ahead of the curve.

Alan Sawley
Maintenance Manager & Retrofit Coordinator (PAS2035)

With a keen eye for efficiency and a knack for innovative solutions, Alan oversees our maintenance services. His proactive approach to management ensures that every job is performed to the highest standards and that our clients' properties are in top condition.

Emma Grundy
Senior Operations Administrator

Emma is the organisational powerhouse behind Mighty Maintenance, overseeing operations with careful attention to detail. Her strategic planning and resource management ensure seamless execution of our services, and her warm rapport with clients makes every interaction a pleasure.

Graham Pearcy

Graham's craftsmanship in joinery is unparalleled. His bespoke work, from intricate fittings to robust constructions, is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Clients trust Graham for his precision work and ability to turn their concepts into reality.

Dean Glossop

Dean is our master of all things electrical. From major rewiring projects to energy-efficient upgrades, he ensures safety and quality in every circuit. His extensive knowledge and commitment to excellence make him a go-to for complex electrical challenges.

Keith Owen

Keith's versatile skill set and problem-solving abilities make him an invaluable asset. Whether it’s fixing a leak or assembling furniture, he handles every task with the same dedication and finesse. Keith's friendly demeanour and reliability have earned him high praise from clients.

Janusz Szleszynski
Technical Expert

Janusz's role as Technical Expert encompasses a deep understanding of the latest technologies in the maintenance sector. He provides invaluable insight into the planning and execution of technical services, ensuring our methods remain cutting-edge.

Ryan Benson

Ryan's expertise as a plumber is evident in the meticulous work he delivers. Known for his swift response to emergency leaks and thoughtful approach to plumbing design, he ensures all installations are reliable and long-lasting.

Sam Ellis

Sam's thorough and methodical approach to plumbing has resolved countless complex issues for our clients. Delivering sustainable, efficient solutions and educating customers on maintaining their systems.

Aaron Walton

Aaron, our expert roofer at Mighty Maintenance, brings his skill and care to every roofing project. With extensive experience in the field, he ensures each roof is not only visually appealing but also structurally robust, providing reliable protection and enhancing the beauty of homes across Lancaster.

Danielle Wanless
Accounts Assistant

Danielle is our dedicated Accounts Assistant at Mighty Maintenance. Skilfully managing all invoicing aspects, she ensures accuracy and efficiency within our financial operations. Her thorough approach supports the company's smooth functioning, making every financial interaction seamless for clients and suppliers alike.

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